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White Wolf – Treasure Hunter Free Download

White Wolf – Treasure Hunter Free Download is a riddle game developed by Perfect Tap Games and released in 2021 for ios and android devices. Participants assume the role of White Wolf in the game, a cherish warrior looking for hidden loot in an ethereal forest. The match features challenging puzzles, stunning graphics, and an panoramastudio pro free download immersive story that keeps gamers engaged from start to finish.

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White Wolf– Treasure Hunter Free Obtain Computers

Gameplay in White Wolf &# 8211, Treasure Hunter revolves around solving puzzles to uncover hidden treasure. Participants had advance through a number of extremely difficult levels. Using logic and problem – solving abilities to overcome obstacles and full priorities. They will run into a number of dangers and challenges along the way, such as baits, antagonists, and different threats.

White Wolf &# 8211, Treasure Hunter, stands out for its stunning graphics and immersive setting. The game’s visuals are gorgeous, with lush forests, comprehensive characters, and intricate level designs that create a truly interactive experience. Additionally, the game has a unique song that enhances the imagery and adds to the atmosphere of exploration and enthusiasm.

Another standout feature of White Wolf &# 8211, Treasure Hunter is its serious plot. The game’s story revolves around White Wolf’s pursuit to discover a hidden wealth that has been lost for ages. Along the way, participants may experience a variety of figures and Npcs, each with their own special narrative and motivations. The game’s history is engaged and properly – written, adding an extra coating of depth to the game’s puzzle – solving mechanics.

White Wolf– Wealth Hunter Download Whole Game

In terms of gameplay, White Wolf &# 8211, Treasure Hunter offers a variety of puzzles and obstacles that keep people engaged and entertained. Some puzzles require players to use logic and difficulty – solving skills to navigate through a tangle – same culture, while others require players to influence objects and obstacles to accomplish a particular goal.
The game’s trouble degree increases as players progress through the amounts, ensuring that there is always a new challenge to overcome.

One of the strengths of White Wolf &# 8211, Treasure Hunter is its replayability. The activity features a variety of souvenirs and hidden strategies. Encouraging people to observe each levels carefully and detect all of its secrets. The sport also offers a variety of achievements and rewards for qualified players, providing an additional motivation to preview levels and improve their performance.

White Wolf is a superbly designed and engaging teaser activity that is sure to please followers of the style. Its challenging puzzles, interactive environment, and strong story combine to create a distinctive and wonderful gaming experience that is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end. If you’re looking for a teaser game that offers both element and design. White Wolf &# 8211, Treasure Hunter is definitely worth checking out.


    Beautiful Graphics: The game features stunning graphics and visual style, with lush forests, detailed figures, and intricate amount designs that create an interactive experience.

  • White Wolf’s Challenging Puzzles: A variety of mysteries and obstacles are presented, each requiring the use of reasoning and problem-solving abilities. As athletes advance in the game, the complexity amount rises, ensuring that there is always a fresh obstacle to overcome.
  • Deep Storyline: The tournament’s plot revolves around White Wolf’s quest to uncover hidden gold, with a variety of Npcs and characters adding breadth and context to the game’s world.
  • Original Soundtrack: The game features an authentic song that complements the game’s imagery and helps to create a sense of adventure and excitement.
  • Replayability: With a variety of souvenirs, hidden secrets, and successes, White Wolf offers plenty of replay price for players who enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of a game’s world.
  • In-app Purchases: The activity provides a variety of in-app buys, such as extra lives and power-ups, allowing players to alter their gameplay.
  • Available on mobile Devices: White Wolf is applicable on both ios and android devices, making it readily available for participants on the go.

System demands


  • ios 10.0 or afterwards
  • Suitable with phone, ipad, and ipod reach
  • Requires 64 – smidge computer
  • Dimensions: 292.8 Mebibyte


  • Iphone 4.4 or eventually
  • 2 Gb of ram is needed.
  • Sizing: 117 Kb


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