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Virtual Data Storage for Business

As data from digital sources becomes more essential to businesses, keeping it and accessing it must be simple. Companies will struggle to be efficient and profitable if they don’t have a seamless and secure business file storage solution.

Rather than investing in a complete server hardware infrastructure, companies can rent space in cloud-based storage for a fixed monthly fee. This is a great alternative for small businesses which doesn’t have enough money to purchase a complete set of IT hardware and software.

Direct-attached storage(also known as DAS, is a cost-effective way of storage of data on computers, however it doesn’t allow users to work on identical files at the same time. This could cause problems when collaborating or editing large files. That’s why numerous organizations utilize network-attached data storage (NAS), which allows employees to share data from one central place.

NAS systems have features such as version history, which stops employees from accidentally erasing documents. This is particularly useful for businesses that have to adhere to laws such as those pertaining to data retention and privacy.

Backups are kept in several locations to guard against catastrophe such as an earthquake or fire. It’s a good idea to keep at three copies of important data, with an offsite backup.

A few of the most effective solutions for business file storage include pCloud, Box Business and Tresorit. Each has native apps available for desktops and mobile devices with third-party integrations as well as zero-knowledge encryption. The right business storage solution can help your business work with customers and partners more efficiently, regardless of where they are in the world or working at home.

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