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How to Manage Jealousy in Relationships

Jealousy https://git-scm.com/docs/git-log is a complex and potent feelings, but it is crucial to control it in relationships because the choices we make when we are envious or angry does possess long-lasting adverse effects. When you’re able to identify the feeling of jealousy, you can take steps toward a healthier response– which will benefit your marriage.

Jealous emotions frequently result from underlying issues that need to be addressed. For instance, your sister’s new relationship might make you feel jealous because of insecurities about your own dating life, or jealousy may arise from your coworker’s promotion because you think you’re not good enough for a promotion. You’ll need to become more aware of your beliefs, attitudes, and emotions and learn how to change them in order to overcome them.

In a healthy relationship, your partner should support you in working through these issues, not use them against you. In the end, using jealousy as a justification for controlling or manipulating your partner will be disastrous. Instead, when you’re both ready for a fruitful conversation, approach your partner about the subject of jealousy in a calm and polite manner.

Consider consulting a couples therapist to help you and your partner learn how to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts if you’re having trouble talking about jealousy with your partner. A therapist can also assist you in identifying and correcting issues ( such as unhealthy behavior patterns or unresolved past traumas ) that are causing the jealousy. They’ll assist you in identifying the source top free dating sites latin women of your jealousy so that you can work through them together.


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