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Board of Directors Vs Advisory Board

There are differences between a advisory board and a board of director and a board of directors, even though both offer a lot of value to an organisation. Boards are accountable to govern and control an organization. An advisory board can provide strategic business insights that are based on their experience and knowledge. In addition a board of directors has specific legal obligations that require them to adhere to certain policies and guidelines while an advisory board does not.

The role of an advisory board is essential when it’s formed. This will prevent confusion and ensure that the organization reaps the maximum benefit hosting a successful virtual event from its advisory board members. This will also help minimize the liability exposure of the members of the advisory board, and their advisors as well. It is crucial to document the clarification, whether it be through a written contract, a resolution of the board or a policy of the company.

For instance If an organization wants to establish an advisory board for purposes of strategic planning, it would be helpful to have a specific goal in mind. This could be as easy as identifying an audience the business might find difficult to engage with, or as complicated as providing strategic business insights to a particular project.

An advisory board should consist from a mixture of people that is relevant to the mission of the organization. This could include former volunteers, members of the board of directors or professionals from outside. When choosing members, organizations should consider the qualifications of the person, their understanding of their field and their level of commitment to their mission. It is also essential to find out if the member can commit to regular meetings.


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